2016- 2017 PIKE Varsity Cheerleaders
Lexie Motes - Captain - UCA All-American and AISA All Stars
Anna Laura Cobb - Co-Captain - UCA All-American and AISA All Stars
Mia Smith  - UCA All-American and AISA All Stars

Anna May - Chaplain
Parish Adams
Gracie Blair
Jordan Grice
Eden Hipps
Caroline Kirk
Hailey Sasser
Emma Strickland

Emmy Stevens

Coach Angie Grice

Honors and Awards

PIKE's Varsity Cheer Squad was named Medium Varsity Camp Champions, Gameday Champions, Extreme Routine Champions, Third Place Home Pom, First Place Cheer, Third Place Sideline, and Spirit Stick Winner.

PIKE also won the Leadership Award which is voted on by all schools ending camp.

PIKE also received the Top Banana Award which is given by the staff

The following Patriots were named UCA All-Americans and AISA All- Stars:
  • Anna Laura Cobb
  • Lexie Motes 
  • Mia Smith
Winners of this year's Pin It Forward Award included:
  • Anna May
  • Jordan Grice
  • Mia Smith

2016 - 2017 PIKE Junior Varsity Cheerleaders

Ansley Adams - Captain - UCA All American
Porter Lankford - Co-Captain - UCA All American
Isabella Saunders - UCA All American

Eighth Graders:
Raegan Brown - UCA All American
Addi Garrott - Chaplain - UCA All American
Alyssa Terry - UCA All American

Seventh Graders:
Dee Allen
Anna Claire Dorrill
Ella Cate Gunter
Mary Michael Hussey
Jaylee Price
Abbi Kay Terry

Coach Natalie Lankford 

Honors and Awards

PIKE's JV cheer squad was named Large Junior Varsity Camp Champions, Gameday Champions, Extreme Routine Champions, First Place in Home Pom, First Place in Cheer, Second Place in Sideline, and Spirit Stick Winner.

Pike JV also received Gold Superior Ribbons all week.

The following Patriots were selected as UCA All-Americans:
  • Ansley Adams
  • Porter Lankford
  • Isabella Saunders
  • Raegan Brown
  • Addi Garrott
  • Alyssa Terry
Also, Addi Garrott was given the Pin It Forward Award by a UCA instructor.

2016 PIKE Peewee Cheerleaders 
6th Grade
Ensley Eakes
Hailee Sconyers
Tate Gardner
Sara Brayden Garrett
Tanna Singleton
Caroline Senn
Rachael Stembridge
Kinsley Jordan
Aubreigh Brooks
Maggie Hardin

5th Grade
Ava Leverett
Katie Mac Manning
Britton Paul
Campbell Baker
Elly Stevens
Anna Kilcrease
Kate Nelson
Sarah Lee
Emma Baker
Aurora Tipp
Mallory Chandler

2016 PIKE Termite Cheerleaders

4th Grade
Addison Henderson
Mary Margeret Sneed
Allyn Wilson
Sydney Scott
Reagan Alberson
Abbie Dickert
Josie Suber
Addie Davis
Nikki Hopper

3rd Grade
Taylor Ellis
Cara Rushing
Carly Henderson
Kinsley Simmons
Lexi Terry
Ryleigh Powell
Emory Senn
Kenzie Beth Ray
Jaylyn Luker
Caroline Renfroe
Indie Carter

2015 - 2016 PIKE Varsity Cheerleaders

  • Anna Adams - Captain, UCA All American
  • Carter Senn Co-Captain, UCA All American and AISA All Star
  • Elaina Strother -  Chaplain, UCA All American and AISA All Star
  • Patsy Ann Davis, UCA All American and AISA All Star
  • Kelli Grant, UCA All America and AISA All Star
  • Toni Sarris, UCA All American 

  • Anna Laura Cobb
  • Lexie Motes
  • Mia Smith

  • Parish Adams
  • Gracie Blair
  • Jordan Grice
  • Eden Hipps
  • Anna May
  • Bailey Mcknight
  • Hailey Sasser
  • Emma Strickland 

Coach Natalie Lankford

Honors and Awards

  • UCA Varsity Camp Champions
  • Varsity Gameday Competition Champions
  • Varsity Extreme Routine Champions 
  • First place - Cheer
  • First place - Home Pom 
  • Third place - Sideline 
  • Spirit Stick Award
  • Overall Top Banana Award
  • Leadership Award - voted on by all other squads
  • Jump Off Champion - Anna Adams

2015 - 2016 PIKE Junior Varsity Cheerleaders

Ninth grader: 
  • Emmy Stevens - UCA All American
Eighth graders:
  • Ansley Adams - Captain, UCA All American
  • Izzy Saunders - Co-Captain, UCA All American
  • Porter Lankford - Chaplain
  • Miranda Black
Seventh graders:
  • Addi Garrott
  • Raegan Brown
  • Alyssa Terry
Coach Angie Grice

Honor and Awards

  • Universal Cheerleader Association Junior Varsity Camp Champions
  • Junior Varsity Gameday Competition Champions
  • Junior Varsity Extreme Routine Champions
  • Spirit Stick Award
  • First place - Home Pom
  • First place - Cheer
  • Second place - Sideline

PIKE  Junior Varsity and Varsity Cheerleaders named Cheer Camp Champions

Montgomery –    Thursday, July 10th, was a great day to be a Patriot as both varsity and JV cheer teams were named Camp Champions at the AISA cheer camp which was held earlier last week at Huntingdon College. On awards day, all of the Pike family was smiling about how things turned out. The Varsity squad swept the entire camp by taking first place in all 5 divisions:  cheer, sideline, gameday, homepom dance, and extreme routine. The Pike Varsity was also named AISA camp champs. All four Patriot seniors made the AISA All Star team. Over 60 girls tried out and only 24 were selected.  The four seniors were: Captain Leigh Ann Gilbert, Co-Captain Madison Gilmore, Chaplain Cailyn Barron, and Jessica Knotts. Cailyn and Jessica were also selected as UCA All American cheerleaders. In addition to these great achievements, all four seniors were also asked by UCA staff to try out for UCA. Being asked is a huge honor. 

The Varsity cheerleaders are led by Coach Natalie Lankford. The squad consists of the following members:

Captain Leigh Ann Gilbert, AISA Allstar
Co-Captain Madison Gilmore, AISA Allstar
Chaplain Cailyn Barron, AISA Allstar and UCA All American
Jessica Knotts,  AISA Allstar and UCA All American

Anna Adams
Patsy Ann Davis
Kelli grant
Toni Sarris
Carter Senn
Elaina Strother

Anna Laura cobb
Laura Lynn Davis
Mia smith  

In addition to being named camp champions, The Patriots Junior Varsity Squad were also named Overall Gameday Champions and placed first in extreme routine and cheer. The JV squad placed second in the sideline competition and third in homepom dance.

Pike’s Junior Varsity Squad is led by Coach Angie Grice and consists of the following members:

Captain - Eden Mobley, UCA All American
Co-captain - Emma Strickland
Chaplain - Anna May
Parish Adams
Gracie Blair
Jordan Grice, UCA All American
Hailey Sasser, UCA All American
Caroline Kirk, UCA All American
Bailey McKnight

Eighth Grade: 
Emmy Stevens

Seventh Grade:
Ansley Adams
Porter Lankford
Isabella Saunders

Please join me in congratulating Ragan Knotts on being named the AISA West All Star Cheerleader Scholarship recipient during last Thursday and Friday's AISA All Star activities in Montgomery.